30 things I’ve taken too long to learn in 30 years

and 3 big things I haven’t mastered yet

My first cat, Sky, accurately depicting my face as I contemplate this.

30 things I wish I hadn’t taken so long to learn

My favourite nerd and our cow-cat, Bessie, 2019.
2012, a week after my thyroid removal surgery.
My formal attire, 2018. We’ll discuss what I can wear to a fancier event than this one if I ever get invited to one.
Fooling around with makeup one morning before work, 2019.
Sky and I, enjoying a 2019 Sunday morning.
The first white hairs on a punk-head, 2011.
Getting ready to go nowhere in particular, 2019.
Showing off the fresh immediate gratification rat tattoo, 2017.
Showing off the smile, autumn 2017.
Seaside with my favourite nerd, 2019.

3 things I plan to do my best to learn within the next 3 years

Secular thinker with an empathy compulsion. Anxiety-nerd. Certified Crazy Cat Lady.