I may be in the wrong here obviously, however what I am trying is to suggest a philosophical frame of reference for mere mortals — rather than a religion. A starting point for people still debating internally on whether it’s a good idea to treat their elderly cat of urinary tract complications with acupuncture.

Of course there will be debate within the scientific community on any and all matters, of course it’s all constantly evolving and refining as we uncover new facts and make more accurate observations, but this is of little real-life use to those living and working outside the field, and trying to make sense of how it all applies to their own lives. If anything, the debate only serves to confuse us mere mortals and drive us towards dangerous views we can have an illusion of control and understanding over.

While my analogies may have erred on the side of over-simplification, the point still stands: nihilistic-and-fascinating debate on the nature of the truth serves me, a scientifically-illiterate individual, very little come time to decide how I deal with a debilitating illness diagnosis. What those in the field *do* consider true today *is* the best I’m going to get as a mere mortal. And I’m trying to make sense of that and explain it in a non-threatening way. My apologies if in doing so I also fell into the semantics pit, and most of all, thank you for your time and feedback.

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