I was one of those kids, down whose throat countless people tried to force subjective so-called truth. Often, the practice was an integral part of an educational system we were supposed to entrust our developing minds to. It was downright traumatising. So I do relate to the issue you’re raising here, I do agree it’s a complicated one. I strongly believe that religion should not be enforced upon anyone, but rather chosen freely by those who desire to make said choice. And I will stand up against such practices, however I can. When it comes to keeping young minds free of dogma, I think we should all make an exception and actually stand up for better grounds for defining religious freedom. Because traumatising children with threats of eternal damnation is not exercising your right to religious freedom — it is neglecting that child’s right to intellectual freedom.

Secular thinker with an empathy compulsion. Anxiety-nerd. Certified Crazy Cat Lady.

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