If you too suspect you’re an asshole to yourself

Then please, consider this with me.

Photo by Noah Silliman on Unsplash

When it comes to self-improvement, you compare other people to themselves — and compare yourself to an imaginary ideal.

First step: we choose our milestones.

Then, we deploy the techniques for imposing our milestones upon ourselves.

My mum says we motivate others by encouraging them and motivate us by criticising ourselves, while expecting the same results.

Imagine saying some of the shit you say to yourself out loud to another human being.

After that, we learn how to survive life after our own milestones.

A certain size in your jeans, a degree in something, a certain figure in your bank account, a human child, a certain way of living. It doesn’t matter what you think you owe the world; you don’t. You don’t owe the world anything about your body or your own private life and career.

#IdealYou is not a human being — it’s a hypothetical, idealised version of a human being. It’s a theoretical human being. #RealLifeYou is a living, breathing human.

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