We will not fade out of reality

Ageing gracefully isn’t just for rich white women

What we come to expect of ourselves as we age

Let’s look at the most culturally relevant of examples, a meme of Meryl Streep caught in the act of ageing gracefully, aka simply existing and doing her thing.

Found this on Insta through a makeup # for some reason.

Healing from unwanted expectations as we age

I want to continue improving my mental health, which has, throughout the years, officially gone from total fucking train wreck to occasional fucking train wreck to the present semi-functional human being.

I want to get better at making my mental health a priority as I age.

I want to provide my body gentle and age-appropriate nutrition and movement to help me feel my best — rather than diligently feeding myself rabbit food in order to look social media acceptable, while feeling too fucking depressed and depleted to get off my ass in the interest of anything other than work and obsessive calorie-burning powerwalking.

I want to get better at focusing on how shit makes me feel and how it’s impacting my wellbeing, rather than on how it makes me look.

I want to cultivate my work ethic and unwavering professional curiosity and keep getting better at paying my mortgage and medical bills, in a way that I both don’t hate and is valued in my industry. I refuse to contribute to a world where women are afraid of not being taken seriously as they age.

I want to wear my age proudly, a testament to the many urgent deadlines I’ve survived throughout my career and to my ever-increasing ability to accurately call bullshit where bullshit need be called.

As for the way I look, I strive to award myself ever-expanding room for authentic self-expression.

I aspire to stay true to my values and my creativity rather than surrender to what’s considered age appropriate.

You know, less proper lady, more Michèle Lamy meets bright accents and DIY tattoos.

Michèle Lamy, Paris Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2019, via Wikipedia

I refuse to fade quietly into oblivion and see my professional and social relevance diminished as I age, by sheer reason of my gender.

I refuse to allow it to happen to other women in my presence, and endeavour to call it out without remorse or shame.

Secular thinker with an empathy compulsion. Anxiety-nerd. Certified Crazy Cat Lady.

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