Women with daddy issues make bad girlfriends

Or so I’ve heard

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The DNA donor

I learned that love without consistent action and kindness is nothing but narcissism. It nurtured my desire to be fair, self-aware, and emotionally present in my relationships.

The actual daddy

From the Urban Dictionary

The daddy issues

In my personal life, I’ve somehow managed to stumble upon the realisation that as long as you do your best to keep being fair and constantly improve your understanding of both that concept and yourself, it’s okay to be fucked-up a little, because everyone is.

A low-quality, stranger-photobombed picture of the lot of us, making it work. This photo manages to be unflattering for everyone involved, but, as you may have gathered, my dad’s not the selfie type, so I couldn’t really afford to be picky.

It took me a shit load of time to really believe this on an emotional level, so I’m going to say it again for anyone who needs to hear it today: you are worthy of love.

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